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Information about Other Court Forms

Subpoena Form
Links to Wisconsin Court System website. Both Form A and B must be completed
Foreign Subpoena
Links to Wisconsin Court System website. Both Form A and B must be completed
Change of Address form
Media Request for Cameras in the Court Room
Petition to Amend Vital Record

Forclosure Mediation Program

(Each form must be printed on PINK paper and placed directly behind the summons)

Mediation Process Description Effective April 1, 2015
Notice of Availability of Mediation Effective April 1, 2015
Mediation Request Form Effective April 1, 2015

Legal Name Change

A packet of the official forms and a description of the procedure is available from the Dane County Law Library, located in Room L1007 of the Dane County Courthouse (address above) for $2.00. Written requests for forms must be prepaid. Call (608) 266-6316 or email for more information.

Name Change Procedure for Dane County - Adults Posted August 15, 2011
Name Change Procedure for Dane County - Minors (14 and under), Posted August 15, 2011
CV-450 Petition for Name Change
CV-455 Petition for Name Change (Minor Child under age 14)
CV-460 Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing
CV-465 Affidavit of Attempted Service on Nonpetitioning Parent
CV-470 Order for Name Change
CV-475 Order Denying Name Change
CV-480 Consent of Nonpetitioning Parent to Name Change of Minor Child
CV-490 Basic Steps to Handling a Name Change
DPH 5021 Report of Legal Name Change

Confidential Name Change Procedure for an Adult or Minor 14 or Older in Dane County

Under Wis. Stat. § 786.37(4), a petitioner can request a confidential name change where publication is not required if the petitioner shows, by a preponderance of the evidence, that publication of the petition could endanger him or her and that the petitioner is not seeking a name change in order to avoid a debt or conceal a criminal record.  If a judge makes this finding, all records related to the petitioner’s name change shall be confidential and are exempt from disclosure under Wis. Stat. § 19.35(1). [Wis. Stat. § 786.36(2m)(a)]

Confidential Name Change Procedure for an Adult or Minor 14 or Older in Dane County
Petition for Confidential Name Change (CV-451)
Notice and Order for Confidential Name Change Hearing (CV-461)
Order Denying Confidential Name Change (CV-476)
Order for Confidential Name Change
Report of Legal Name Change HCF 5021C

Common Law Name Change

A name change after a divorce or marriage is usually a common law name change. Common law name changes do not need to go through a separate name change court proceeding in order to change certain documents. Most agencies that hold documents that you need to change, such as the DMV or Social Security Agency, have internal forms for you to fill out. Some may require a certified copy of your divorce judgment or marriage certificate (available from the Record Center in Room 1002 of the Dane County Courthouse or the Register of Deeds in Room 110 of the City County Building). Contact the individual agencies to see what they require. There are no official court forms available for a common law name change.

Filing of a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights

All Petitions for Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) are filed with the Court Commissioner’s Center (Room 2000, Dane County Courthouse). This includes TPR petitions that are accompanied by a petition for adoption.
A TPR petition may be filed by an agency, district attorney, corporation counsel, GAL, attorney or interested person. Parties and/or the child must reside in Dane County. This petition must:

  • Contain the names and address of all interested parties.
  • State facts and circumstances which support the petition and if filing an involuntary petition, the petition must also include the statutory reference for the grounds of the termination of parental rights.

Discontinuation of support payments is not a valid ground for filing a TPR petition.

Sufficient copies (5) for service on all interested parties must be provided at the time the original petition is filed. 4 of the copies will be returned to the petitioner along with copies of the summons once the hearing date has been set, one copy will be retained by the court to provide to the GAL that is assigned.
The petitioner is responsible for providing service on the interested parties. This can be accomplished by the petitioner contacting their local sheriff or police department. Most police agencies charge a fee for providing service.
The mandatory state forms are available at: or as a packet for a small fee at the Dane County Law Library, Room L1007, Dane County Courthouse. There is no filing fee to file a TPR petition.

Instructions for Involuntary TPR
Instructions for Voluntary TPR


Forms are available from the Dane County Law Library (608-266-6316) for a small fee. You can also download the forms from the Wisconsin Court Systems Website or by clicking on the icons below. The necessary forms are:

Information on Filing a Petition for Adoption Posted January 15, 2008.
JC-1645, Petition for Adoption Child/Adult
JC-1641, Order for Hearing and Investigation/Screening
JC-1643, Order for Hearing and Screening (Stepparent Adoption)
JC-1646, Consent to Adoption
JC-1647, Order for Adoption Child/Adult

Juvenile Court Forms

Most Juvenile Court Forms can be found on the mandatory forms website. However, there may be additional Dane County-specific forms available from the Clerk of Courts office. For more information, contact the Clerk of Courts at the location listed above.

Bankruptcy Forms

The Western District of WI Bankruptcy Court has forms on their website and the US Bankruptcy Court has forms on their website.

Wills/Power of Attorney Forms

Basic Wisconsin Will Packets are available for purchase for $15 at the Dane County Law Library (Room L1007 in the Dane County Courthouse) or at an office supply store. Cash or business checks only, please no credit cards or personal checks. Some Power of Attorney forms are available online through the Wisconsin State Law Library website.

Lien/Real Estate Forms

Lien and other real estate forms are available online at the Wisconsin State Law Library website or on the Wisconsin State Bar's Legal Forms page.