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OWI Treatment Court

Have you been charged with OWI 3rd with a Blood Alcohol Content of .20 or higher?

Would you like to quit drinking, but need support and treatment?

Dane County OWI Treatment Court is here to help you

Benefits of OWI Court

  • Alcohol and/or Other Drug assessment (evaluación) and treatment
  • Treatment programs qualify toward the Intoxicated Driver's Program and getting your license back
  • Assistance with treatment costs
  • Improve your chance for a sober and healthy life
  • Support of the OWI Court Team
  • Increasing public safety by reducing further drunk driving events


Through the use of intensive case management, treatment, and judicial oversight, Dane County OWI Court will promote public safety by ensuring offenders receive the necessary treatment, thereby eliminating further drinking and driving events.


  • OWI 3rd Conviction
  • BAC .20 or higher and Refusals
  • Offender must be placed on probation, mandatory compliance with OWI Court as a condition
  • Adult (Age 18 or older)
  • Resident of Dane County
  • Not currently or previously charged in conjunction with an OWI related death or serious personal injury
  • Finding of Dependency or Suspected Dependency on assessment


  • Upon conviction and placement on probation, you will serve your mandatory minimum jail time
  • Journey Mental Health will meet with you to conduct an assessment
  • Your Probation/Parole Agent will meet with you to discuss your strengths and goals and you will develop a plan together to assist in achieving those goals.
  • You will be placed on a Sobrietor to monitor your alcohol usage.
  • You may volunteer to receive pharmacological treatments to assist you in your treatment goals.
  • You will be referred to treatment based upon your assessment.
  • You will be expected to follow all program rules and expectations
  • If you fail to follow program rules and expectations, you may receive sanctions up to and including jail detention.

Benefits of a Sober Life:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Financial Stability
  • Improved Health
  • Improved Relationships
  • Employability
  • Reliability
  • Improved Success in All Areas of Your Life

A Cooperative Effort Between the:

  • WI Department of Corrections
  • WI Department of Health Services
  • Dane County Courts
  • District Attorney's Office
  • Public Defenders Office
  • Dane County Sheriff's Office
  • Dane County Department of Human Services
  • Journey Mental Health

For more information, please contact your attorney or OWI Treatment Court at Journey Mental Health Center: (608) 280-2652.

Dane County OWI Treatment Court Program Policies and Procedures Manual