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Sign up for SMS Hearing Date Notices

Fill in the information below to receive hearing date notifications in your case via text message.

The format for case number should be Year, Case Type, Number (I.E. 23TR789, or 2022CM0009999). If your case number contains a different format or the letters “DA” you will be unable to sign up for text messaging.

I want to receive courtesy text messages about upcoming court dates in my Dane County case(s) so I am giving the court my cell phone number. I know this is optional and I do not have to do this.

I understand that I am still responsible for appearing in court even if I don't receive a text message reminder.

I understand that I still must notify the court, in writing, of changes to my mailing address, as the court will continue to send me official written notices.

I understand my service provider may charge me for these reminders if, under my plan, there is a cost for incoming text messages.

If I want to stop getting these reminders, I must send a written request to cancel to the Clerk of Courts, Rm. 1000, 215 S.Hamilton St., Madison, WI 53703.The request must include your name and case number(s).