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Probate Court

This section of the website contains information for the Probate Court of the Dane County Circuit Courts. The list below contains contact information, staff, fees, and more.

Contact Information

Dane County Courthouse Room 1005
215 South Hamilton Street
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4331
For Probate matters: 
For Guardianship matters:

The Probate Court is open from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Appointments are encouraged.


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Probate Fees

This page lists the fees specific to the Probate Office of the Dane County Circuit Court. For more general fee information, see the circuit court fee page.

Probate Statutory Fees

Reference Type of Fee Fee
Sec. 814.66(1)(a)2 Inventory Filing Fee for estate valued at $10,000 or less $20.00
Sec. 814.66(1)(a)2 Inventory Filing Fee for estate valued at more than $10,000 0.2% of the value of property subject
to administration, less encumbrances,
liens or charges
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)2 Guardianship of Estate or Conservatorship if the
value of property is less than $50,000
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)2 Guardianship of Estate or Conservatorship if the
value of property is more than $50,000
0.2% of the value of the property,
less encumbrances, liens or charges
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(c) Certificate Terminating Life Estate $3
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(d) Certificate or judgment of descent of lands Same as 814.66(1)(a)2
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(e) Objection to Probate of Will $20
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(f)

Will for Safekeeping

Pursuant to Wis. Stat. §853.09, you, the testator, may deposit your Will for “safekeeping” with the Register in Probate of the court of the county where you reside. There is a statutory fee of $10.00 for this service. The Will must be in a sealed envelope with your name and address noted on the outside of the envelope. Please also submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope and the Register in Probate will provide you a receipt at the time of deposit.


If you need to withdraw your original Will, you will need to provide the original Receipt that was given to you at the time of the deposit and photo identification. The original Will can only be removed by you, the testator, personally or by a person authorized by you, the testator, by a writing signed by you, the testator, and two (2) witnesses, other that the person who will be withdrawing the will from safekeeping.

Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(g) Certificate signed by Register in Probate or a Circuit Court Judge $3
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(h) Copies, certified or otherwise $1 per page
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(i) Claim Against Estate $3
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(j) Searching for file or record when case number is not given $4
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(k) Power of Attorney for Health Care for Safekeeping $8
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(l) Declaration for Safekeeping $8
Sec. 814.66(1)(b)3(m) Petition to commence an independent action (Petition for Grandparent Visitation) $60


Probate Court Staff

To request Probate records, e-mail

Phone: (608) 266-4331

Register in Probate
Jeff Okazaki

Probate Paralegal/Deputy Probate Registrar
Benjamin Balk

Guardianship Administrator
Gina Bosben

Court Manager-Deputy Register in Probate
Laura Nachazel

Probate Registrar
Benjamin Schulenburg